Following 3 years heading up IT & Web infrastructure for the UK’s largest independant financial compliance network, I now have the joy of working with clients including Blue Cross, Cancer Research UK, the Equality & Human Rights Commission, Bournemouth University, the BFI and Channel 4 with the fantastic digital agency Numiko.

When did you start your career in web development?

I started building web pages for local businesses in 1999 (age 15) largely based around HTML/CSS (who doesn’t remember Dreamweaver and even at one point Microsoft FrontPage!) and Flash (all Flash websites (hmmmm?!?!)). I started using tech such as initially Perl and quickly on to PHP from about 2001/2, with one of my great loves MySQL.

Can you juggle with more than three balls?

No, I’m still trying, but currently trying to get to grips with hoops and clubs (which I’m finding a bit of a challenge).

Which frameworks do you prefer?

I joined this party late, having spent many years under the idea that I wanted to code everything myself, to know every detail of every aspect of a codebase. So I’m now jumping at every opportunity to try any frameworks; particular favourites so far include Zend 2 on a particularly high profile Channel 4 project, and Symfony 2 (which I think would have to be the out and out winner (thus far)) both personally and on a project for the BFI.

Where do you work?

I have the great privilege of working for one of the best design agencies in the UK (in my view); Numiko, they build web apps and content managed sites for all kinds of organisations and I personally have had the chance to work on and technically lead projects for the likes of Channel 4, the BFI, Cancer Research UK, the Equality & Human Rights Commission, Bournemouth University, Raw TV, among others. All of these projects have included great challenges and I always look forward to my next with Numiko as they have such a great vision leading to a great client base.

You mentioned photography: what do you shoot with?

I have always shot Nikon (I say always, I haven’t been shooting with SLR’s for years and years, only since the D3000) but I’m now using and loving the D600, it’s quite weighty but takes some great shots.

Do you have any experience with CMS development?

Yes, I have now been using Drupal for a couple of years, and while I realise it has numerous flaws (in so much as any out of the box CMS does) it is very effective at what it does though, and I am a big fan of it’s ease of reuse with custom modules built once to solve a problem and then reinstalled over and over again.